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One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. Alyssa;16. Lord and savior, Jesus Christ. American but circulating Irish blood through me veins. The Doctor. reader. Dublin, Ireland. swing dancing. vintage. Gatsby. 1920's. writer. photography. star trek. L.O.T.R. kitties. BOOKS. Old timey wimey Jazz. Pink Floyd. Foster the people. Hannibal. Dracula. Buffy. HIMYM. SPN. Angel. Chuck. Firefly. New girl. Doll house. Sherlock. Theater. Film. Phantom Of The Opera.

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S pace

When you texting someone and they ask a heated question that’s most likely going to bring on a serious awkward conversation and then as soon they don’t know what to say or get embarrassed they just run away from their problems and say “I’ve gotta go”.

When one of your siblings does something to set one of your parents off and then they call “a family meeting”. And both your parents just yell at you and your siblings about how your “lazy” and “never do anything to help around the house”. And then they try to make their yelling at you better by saying they love you and expecting a hug.